Ana & J.Views

During a stretch of three weeks, prominent artists Ana Diaz and J.Views went on a road trip through some of the most creative areas in Europe.

On their journey towards a supreme soundtrack for Harman Kardon in Volvo XC40, they met and collaborated with trap rappers, organ players, techno gurus and many, many more.

Ana Diaz

A highly sought after Swedish singer-songwriter and music producer. She’s worked with and written songs for world-renowned artists such as David Guetta, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, One Direction and Wyclef Jean.

Coming from an already solid background in the music industry, she quickly rose to fame in 2015
with her first solo two-part album. Ana’s unique voice in accord with her signature deep melodies united a large group of critics naming her one of Sweden’s most promising artists.

Jonathan Dagan

Also known as J.Views, is a two-time Grammy nominated Israeli artist based in Brooklyn, New York. As a songwriter, producer and art director, he’s made a name for himself by pushing the boundary of creativity, constantly innovating the dialogue with his audience.He is often characterized as a poetic electronic producer, repeatedly incorporating nostalgic sample elements, analogue tapes and synthesizers. Under the alias J.Views, he has collaborated with numerous guest vocalists & musicians, and been featured by Microsoft Bing, NASA, HBO, MTV, and Victoria’s Secret.

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