People and Places

During three weeks Ana and Jonathan visited people and experienced places. From trap rappers to organist player, from public safety system sirens to resonance horns, they got influenced and inspired to create three iconic sonics for Harman Kardon premium sound in Volvo XC40.

These are the people.


Yuri Landman

During his supremely diverse career, Yuri Landman has worked as a Chemical Analyst, a comic book artist, but perhaps more famously; as a musician and inventor of musical instruments.

Keez Duyves

Visual/digital artist and founder of PIPS:lab - a creative hub for music, video, theatre, art & much more.


A DJ, electronic music producer and radio personality on the highly acclaimed radio show Red Light Radio.

Jiri Taihuttu

A young and multitalented Dutch-Indonesian rapper, artist & flamenco guitarist. During his musically diverse career, he’s composed music for a number of films as well as rounded up several hit songs from the rap collective Anbu Gang.


Merit Hemmingson

A Swedish organist, composer and singer - most known for her modern interpretations of Swedish folk music. In March of 2017, she was elected into the Swedish Music Hall of Fame.

Hesa Fredrik

A public safety system designed to reach the entire population of Sweden in case of an emergency. The alarm is a remnant of the air raid sirens of the Second World War and is to this day routinely tested every third month.

Hanna Yaeger

A Swedish singer-songwriter who introduced herself in 2017 as an up and coming pop-star with her first major single ”Ocean”.

Anthony Mills

Multi-talented and lyrically gifted opera singer, rapper and painter. Born and raised in Akron, Ohio he toured the U.S with renowned artists such as Harry Belafonte for almost a decade before eventually ending up living and working in Stockholm, Sweden.


Gudrun Gut

German techno legend, DJ/producer and radio presenter. She is also the founder of the Monika Enterprise Label, and co-founder of the female electronic musicians network Female:Pressure.

Lutz Ulbrich

German multi-instrumentalist and a former pioneer of the music genre Krautrock. He is also an actor, singer-songwriter, guitarist and composer - most famous for his work with Ash Ra Tempel and Ashra, recording under the name Lüül.

Andreas Schneider

a musician, label- and band manager. He is also the owner of SchneidersLaden - a platform for electronic music and a store carrying most things imaginable for the creative handling of sound and music.

Alexander Meurer

an artist of experimental and industrial music. A DJ/organizer of a monthly concert series, and most famously: co-founder and curator of "bohemian drips“, a binaural vinyl label.

Sebastian Lee Philipp

a DJ and electronic artist most recently known for his duo project Die Wilde Jagd together with producer Ralf Beck. Their soundscape is marked by repetitive guitar loops, electronic percussion, drums and synthesizers.